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Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. - Anaïs Nin

@lolennui waaaaaay overdue. Not only would it remove the stress of having to care about things that aren't even your problem to begin with, it might mean less people sticking their nose in where it is not needed. Win/Win if you ask me...

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@microtones anti face detection? Otherwise I'd have to guess some TikTok trend I've never heard of.

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@wbm312 any solution that requires being logged in to Google is not a solution... I've attempted to use uBlock Origin etc but no luck as yet :(

: Writing is the process by which you realize that you do not understand what you are talking about. Importantly, writing is also the process by which you figure it out. - Farnam Street -

@digits Ugh... that song is so good, but also I also wish I hadn't ever heard it because I'm not sure I will ever get it out of my head hahaha! Thank you tho, very worthy 🙏

@lehto maybe I'm pushing it too far. I'll load it up next time I'm having a play

@lehto I've played with PaulStretch, but only managed to get washy airy sounds that are difficult to work with even when eq'd. I will continue to experiment more, but am open to any tips you might have ☺️

@atomicpoet it's definitely huge! I knew about this plugin and have played with it in the past, but was disappointed. It was some time ago tho. Hopefully the full force of Automatic means it will mature quickly.

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"When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive" - James Gleick

@atomicpoet @Sbectol Totally. That's the benefit of the Fediverse. Large-scale adoption of a Meta/Alphabet Fediverse instance (and you blocking it) would increasingly mean shouting into a void tho. You mightn't miss pictures of Aunt Jill's breakfast, but Aunt Jill and other Average Joe users of the instance won't be able to benefit from your knowledge. Your influence reduces as the instance grows in popularity. It's essentially self censorship. Tho at the discretion of each instance of course.

@atomicpoet @Sbectol Absolutely. From this perspective tho, how do you think people not federating with Meta will work? Unless the vast majority of servers deny access, it will only serve to disadvantage those that do.

@atomicpoet @Sbectol Google was always going to dominate search of the Fediverse early on, but one of the main reasons why this hasn't been successfully tackled by someone else is because of ideological resistance. I've seen more than one search related project shut down when people objected, but this idealism isn't good for the Fediverse long term.

@atomicpoet @Sbectol Not yet at least. And if we all do what we can to ensure the downsides of participating in such servers are widely known, hopefully they never will.

@Sbectol @atomicpoet We need to ensure the downsides of large centralised instances are common knowledge. Hopefully then large commercial instances fail to gain traction...

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