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@allrite @engagedpractx like I said, they're called DMs not PMs. Like you said earlier, they're not private on other services either. There may be greater repercussions when enterprise breaks user trust due to laws in certain territories, but they're still legally using your data to train AI, serve you ads, etc etc. The proposal that we remove DMs because they aren't totally secure is roughly equivalent to suggesting we should get rid of electronic payments for the same reason

@engagedpractx @allrite a "take some responsibility" approach. They're called DMs not PMs.

@engagedpractx @allrite or people should just take reasonable precautions like they should on every single other web site and service they use?

@DrChris Lol, has it recognised what leeches censorious lefties are to civilised society and drawn a lefty in there to be inclusive?

@Edent people really are opposed to taking responsibility aren't they...

Perhaps these people would be better off on Facebook...

@Edent php fpm and nginx here, but keen to take a look and have a play!

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See, it was necessary to kill Napster because if musicians were going to be robbed of any profits for media, it should be corporations driving the getaway car

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For #ValentinesDay, here’s an old poem; as old as they get, in fact.

It’s considered to be the world’s oldest surviving love poem, written 1.5 million years ago by one of our earliest ancestors, homo unrequitus.

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Streetpass, a new favourite extension.
It glows when you browse a personal website from an author with an account on the fediverse.

"The true work of art leads us from that which exists only once and never again, i.e. the individual, to that which exists perpetually and time and time again in innumerable manifestations, the pure form or Idea;" - Schopenhauer, On the Suffering of the World

"Just because you’ve been using your time in a particular way for a long time doesn’t mean you need to keep doing that." - Seth Godin,

Seth has a way with words

@dirt Apologies, I got caught up with work and missed your original message!

No need to apologise, or censor yourself with me tho. Love your work, and enjoy reading your thoughts.

Hope I wasn't too provocative haha. One day perhaps we'll share a smoke a chat!

Have a good one ❤️

@dirt if you "have to be willing to sacrifice the thing in order to tell the truth" do you take or make a picture?

(Also, I agree with everything you wrote here)

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